Although this memory is not large, but very expensive to manufacture. That reduce the cost of processors from Intel, along with the processor Pentium4, in which the cache memory is 512 kilobytes (and today 1.0 2.0 and even 4.0 MB) produces Celeron Pentium4-based cache memory 128 and 256 kilobytes which is also very little not. The cost Celeron approximately 100-120 dollars cheaper. What to choose? Celeron suits you well if you do routine tasks. If you are working with sophisticated multimedia programs, such as modern computer games with heavy graphics, then you need a Pentium4 (Intel) or Atlon XP (AMD). copyrighted material the site of the city of Ashdod 3.

They say that computers can always be upgraded. In theory – it is so. And yet this statement more publicity stunt than a truth of life. To upgrade, change computer components is not economically feasible. You can increase memory or to attach additional devices (DVDRW, TV-card, etc.). Platform PC (processor, motherboard, RAM and video card) is obsolete virtually 1.5-2 years.

When you are ready to upgrade your computer to be more profitable to change the whole platform with a modern characteristics than stump up for the modest results modernization. copyrighted material the site of the city of Ashdod 4. They say that the sound card must be separate. Indeed, until quite recently combined system boards were unreliable and the quality of sound modules on them left much to be desired. But technology is not standing still. Today, virtually all motherboards are equipped with quality sound and networking modules. Price increase is not significant. Site of copyrighted material Ashdod 5. They say that we should not chase the size of hard drives. 160 GB – more than enough. The main characteristics of hard drives is their capacity and performance. It is advisable to purchase discs 'fast', 7200 rpm and the internal cache is equal to 8.16 or 32 megabytes. The ratio of the price of the disc to its capacity, ie the unit value of 1 GB of the following: Drive 160 GB $ 0,5 / GB Interface IDE $ 0,4 / GB Interface SATA Disk 250 GB $ 0,4 / GB Interface IDE $ 0,33 / GB Interface SATA Disk 320 GB $ 0,35 / GB Interface IDE $ 0,31 / GB Interface SATA Disk 500 GB $ 0,33 / GB Interface IDE $ 0,25 / GB Interface SATA lower unit cost, the better. There are other stereotypes that are constantly corrects the inexorable time. And always have to keep a hand 'in pulse '. So make the right decision when choosing a specialist will help you, who constantly do it. Based on materials from the site