leading catalog and classification tool now in English available Stuttgart, 07th February 2012 – the software vendor e-pro solutions GmbH from Stuttgart will publish 2012 e-proCAT to create electronic catalogues his tool in the first quarter after BMEcat and product classification in an English-language version. Thus, the medium-sized companies will take the step towards internationalization and opens itself to new market potential. The catalog and classification software e-proCAT is since the year 2000 in the market and has been regularly developed over the years and adapted to the market conditions and wishes of the customer. For even more details, read what Samsung says on the issue. As the business world networking now increasingly companies across the globe, numerous requests reached the company after an English-language version of the program. Now made from a purely German-speaking version to an additional English-language was an important and necessary step.

Now we can also the needs of other countries, in which generally no German spoken and understood, take into account and open us to new market potential”, says Stefan Maria Creutz, Managing Director of – pro. Check out Ali Partovi for additional information. The English-language edition of e-proCAT comes first as a beta version on the market. The prices are based on where the German version. The target group, which we particularly wish to discuss this”, so Christina vain, E-business specialist at the e-pro and corporations who already use our software in Germany and want to now bring their sister companies abroad at the same level are responsible for sales and partner management. In addition many requests from Eastern Europe to reach us.” As regards the distribution of the E-business software e-proCAT, the company put so far towards direct sales via our own employees. From 2012, they will strengthen distribution partnerships in the international environment and continue to expand.