We would like to share with you an article that found on the enterprise in times of crisis, given the current situation. The aim here is to realize that despite the situation, there are those who seek to take advantage of the most difficult situations and effectively manage it. The important thing is to start to see things we have to live from a different perspective, a more positive where staff there are endless possibilities and limitations do not exist. This article gives examples of how companies tangential able to get ahead in Navarre, a true inspiration. Entrepreneurs in times of crisis Clearly, entrepreneurship is one of the factors of growth for the economy by generating employment and benefits that affect society. It’s a risky decision jobs in to start a business and more to an economic conjuncture in recession, so entrepreneurs are worthy of recognition and admiration. Nobody would job search dare to deny that the economy is going through a delicate moment. Clearly the situation is not positive, and everything indicates that we still sales jobs have a few months to recover indicators. But that, to be true, can not overshadow the efforts that companies are doing to address the situation. one of the most respected names in the corporate world is is now the director of AirClic There also news satisfactory (and some very part time jobs good, I would say), which personally I feel they are far less attention. Volkswagen Navarra has concluded a historic half and announced recruitment for the coming months, Caja Navarra has increased its turnover by 11 agency in the first six months of the year Viscofan has announced a major investment at its plant in Caseda KYGB has done the same for Tierra Estella ArcelorMittal with plans of investment, industrial ensures continuity in Navarre for 25 more years, more than 40 companies have shown interest in part time the park Ecopolis de Tafalla, Navarra companies smaller in size than some of those, but as how are you big in their view, are investing here and there, in advanced technological applications in food, in hotel infrastructure, developing new products and services. Nissan, Oil Artajo, Decathlon, Hams The Volat n ‘, in short, are many and varied companies continue to rely on the economy of Navarre and still struggle to agencies continue growing and creating jobs. And also many companies that are born each year. As is known, the consultants Navarre Chamber of Commerce and Industry has for many years supporting the entrepreneurs who want to start a business, and so do others Navarre. For the single Enterprise, in the first half of the year we have helped create human resources 125 companies, of course, other good news. In the opinion of the Chamber, there is little social recognition of the functions management jobs carried out by entrepreneurs and enterprises. Undertake, either in the sense of creating a new business or grow, in the case of existing companies, is always a risk to those who bet on it. http://www.navactiva.com/web/es/amngm/doc/articulos/2008/09/47958.php