Define the following terms, definitions paste into your blog: Acquiring Bank: A bank purchaser (or buyer) is the bank or financial institution that accepts payments for products or services on behalf of a trader. The term indicates that the buyer accepts or acquires bank transactions by credit card issued by a bank that is not the same. DataMining: data analysis techniques designed to obtain information hidden in a data warehouse, a place where all the details of leaders the company, a place I can access easily and efficiently without a technology effort and discipline-oriented construction a collection of data that allow and facilitate access to information as required by the strategy processes of decision making. ADVERTISEMENT: business technology is a form of communication that typically attempts innovation to persuade potential customers to time management purchase or consume more than a particular brand of product or service. Dumping: Selling goods to levels below their cost of production, in order to displace competitors from the market. Selling a product below its real price. It is considered an coaching unfair competitive practices. Dumping is the practice of trade in which a company sets a lower price for entrepreneur exported goods that for the same goods sold management in the country. You can only occur if two conditions: it must be imperfectly competitive industry so that companies can set prices, and markets must be segmented, so that domestic residents can not buy easily engaged in the export goods. It is a type of price discrimination of third grade. Shareware: Shareware is called a means of distributing software, games as well as utilities, so the user can evaluate the product free of charge, managers for a specified time, but also the limitations may be in some team building ways to use or end capabilities. SPONSORSHIP: Sponsorship. Economic contribution agreed between the owner of the website and the sponsor company usually in exchange for outstanding advertising and corporate presence on the web. LOYALTY: A training measure of future expectations of a company has one of its customers, the intention to repurchase. The Managing Partner of EnTrust Capital for 12 years is managing member of entrust securities LLC It includes programs to increase customer loyalty including frequent flyer programs, frequent shoppers, etc.. Also includes general discussions of consumers as the brand loyalty to increase it CLUSTER: A cluster (or allocation unit In the terminology of Microsoft) is a set of tracks old sectors that comprise the smallest customer service unit of disk storage. The files are stored in one or more clusters, depending on the size of allocation unit. However, if the file is smaller than a cluster, this cluster is occupied completo.Un in the industrial world (or industrial cluster) is a concentration of management training interconnected companies, in a relatively defined geographical area, so as to form skills in pole itself a niche product with advantages compet