Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Ministerio del Poder Popular para la Defensa Bolivarian National Army Army Education Command Escuela Superior de Guerra del Ejercito “Libertador Sim n Bol var” Caracas October 20, 2008 Curricular Unit: educational theory. Facilitator: Msc Yunis Hernandez. Initial Purpose: The course Introduction to Engineering aims to provide the student an overview and update of the engineering profession and its specialties from two points of view: as a training cycle, and as a performance area (Profession – Occupation). This expanded vision is to provide the student the information and the opportunity to analyze their current situation and possibilities within the career and specialty choice. This subject is a means to clarify the student’s vocational goals. The structure of the curriculum of studies that went into effect in the second half of 1994, reinforces the importance of a proper career choice and the need for vocational reorientation time where required. To achieve these objectives, the teaching of the course and student activities, will be built around two types of learning experiences: 1) those that relate to the conceptual framework, social needs and life situations or activities engineers in each specialty and they’re going to provide information on what to say, he should do and what should be the professional engineering, 2) those related to the student’s immediate personal experience, ie their experiences, expectations and resources with which he enfretar account the demands of their chosen career. Learning Objective: Completed the course, students will have obtained information regarding the profession of engineering specialties, the scope and tasks of the engineer in each specialty.Similarly there must be found which is its primary role in Venezuelan society today and that the country needs this kind of professional, short, medium and long term. It is expected that at the end of the course the student has sufficiently explored the level of interest and analyzed their chances of success in their chosen career. It should also have identified their need for personal progress in regard to the affective dimension. (achievement and ethics). Current proposal: The Introduction to Engineering tried to run and give the student a basic overview generally socialize in a more supportive, humanistic and social context in which the engineering profession and its specialties link its functions and structures to provide the necessary tools to help students, cooperate in their communities, environments and societies to address problems in the area of Engineering require.So that there is a closer link between the student and society and establish the level that the student brings the knowledge gained, and then reset and clear basic steps to follow for the solving of cases that affect them and link with that company order to help improve as humanly possible the conditions and quality of life that has such an environment with which it interacts continuously and closely.