Have you ever wondered if there are compliments to conquer a woman that is out of your reach, easily? The truth is that there is way to conquer them! Men always worry about this. They think that they are not sufficiently attractive to the girl of your dreams or that they only lose time trying to attract her because she is completely out of reach. He has Ten jokes always on your mind four or five simple jokes and practice them. These jokes should not be very complicated or too funny. Actually, it is better to be a subtle humor.

When you try to be too funny, it is clear that you are just trying to impress the girl. It has better simple jokes that you learn easily so you can say them well and not break them. Sample have everything under control a man who is in control of her life shows confidence and security. This is attractive for women since a man organized and in control of your life can give you everything she deserves. Takes into account the details it is important that you pay close attention to the details. The women always like when people noticed his new hairdo, her new shoes, your new tone of lipstick, etc. Show him that you care and tell him that he looks good with the changes you have made. Women are impressed and attracted with a guy who has noticed all these details.

Knowledge is power does not mean that you must have the same IQ that Einstein, you must simply show that you are an interesting man, you know about different topics. A man who talk about topics that are not trivial attracts the girls. Sample courage you know that she is out of reach, but seeks courage and get close to her. Trust in yourself and the less she will be interested in you. Are you same thou art the man you are. I do not like women when a man tries to be something that is not, this seems them single repulsive. So you must be yourself.