If the occupation of Is Raymond Nonato and Lagoa Saint was previous of the open pasture, and if the migration did not occur in this environment, is possible that the populations reached these areas for caatinga, migrando throughout the depressions of the River Amazon, for the two edges, and assentand of more lasting form in They are Raymond Nonato and, later, in Lagoon Saint, whose exodus if effected by caatinga of the sanfranciscana depression. Thus, in accordance with the available data that involve significant samplings in Mato Grosso of the South, almost the totality of Gois, to a large extent of the Tocantins, in the west of the Bahia and to a large extent of Minas Gerais, the occupation accomplishes of the interior of the South American continent was initiated with the implantation of the Horizon of the Open pasture, from 11.000 years (AP).

The populations that had dominated the technology had established the industry that came to constitute Itaparica tradition, colonizing an area of space largeness with about two million squared kilometers, that if deal with Mato Grosso the Gois and Tocantins, beyond areas of Closed in environments covered for caatinga northeast Brazilian, notadamente Pernambuco and Piau. d.com%29’>click here here. These localities, in set, had disclosed to the reach of this tradition and the homogeneous way as the space was organized. They also demonstrate the importance that the biogeogrfico system of the Open pasture exerted in these processes of occupation for these populations. The existence of a fauna that makes of the open pasture a with priority environment, associate the great variety of fruits, the occurrence of natural shelters with the existence of many grottos and caves and to a climate without many excesses of variation, had exerted important papers in the setting of populations human beings, as well as in the development of specific cultural processes. For the demographic structure the one that was associated its establishment in the area was become into referencial landmark of great importance so that the cultural processes were studied that had characterized the dawn of the human povoamento in the areas central offices of the South America..