Century XI – XIII century geographical position probably played an important role in the rise of school: Salerno, from the Merranean port, both agglutinated the influence of Arab culture and the Greco-Byzantine. From the sea came the books of Avicenna and Averroes, and the sea reaches the doctor also Carthaginian (or Ifriqiya) Constantine the African who lived in the city several years and many texts translated from Arabic: the Hippocratic Aphorism and Prognostica Tegni and Megategni Galen, the amalaka (also known as “Liber Regius,” or Pantegni) of Ali ibn Abbas (Abbas Haliya), the Viaticum Ibn al Jazzar, the Liber Liber divisionum and experimentorum of Rhazes and dietorum Liber, Liber Liber urinarium and Isacco febrium of Toledo. Under this cultural push rediscover the classic work that had long been forgotten in the monasteries.Thanks to the Medical School, medicine was the first scientific discipline in monasteries to escape again confronted with the world and experimental practice. For this purpose increases the importance of the monks, the monastery of Salerno and the neighboring host Cava Abbey during the eleventh century the presence of three major characters: Pope Gregory VII, the abbot of Monte Cassino, Desiderius (later Pope Victor III) and Bishop Alfano I (character eclectic physician, architect and poet). In this context, the School of Salerno grows until it reaches its maximum splendor Salerno earned the title of “Civitas Hippocratica” (City Hippocratic), title of the city still is proud. At that time arrived at the School of Salerno “people from all over Europe, either to seek a cure to their ailments or to learn the art of medicine. The prestige of the physicians of Salerno is well documented in the chronicles of the times and in numerous manuscripts preserved in the largest libraries in Europe.In 1231 the school authority was sanctioned by the Emperor Frederick II in Melfi Constitution provides that the medical activity can only be exercised if you are in possession of a diploma issued by the Schola Medica Salernitana.