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The cycle of carbon dioxide include, first, a life cycle where they occur exchanges of carbon (CO2) between the living and the atmosphere. Carbon sequestration occurs through photosynthesis of energy plants, and air emissions, through the breathing of animals and plants. This process is relatively short and renewable carbon in all the land in 20 years. Secondly, we need a more extensive cycling and the biological regulating household the transfer between the atmosphere and the oceans and land (lithosphere). is concerned with the environment and which, considering the state of our environment, is very important The CO2 emitted into the atmosphere, if the content exceeds the electricity ESCO oceans, rivers, etc.. is easily absorbed by the water becoming carbonic acid. This acid influences silicates which are the rocks and bicarbonate ions are produced. Bicarbonate ions are taken up by aquatic animals in the formation of tissues. Once these living things die are deposited in sediments from the seabed. Finally, the energy costs CO2 returns to the atmosphere during volcanic eruptions in the combustion rock merged with the remains of living beings.
Sometimes buried organic matter is produced without the contact between it and the oxygen which prevents decay and, through fermentation, causes the transformation of this matter in coal, gas oil and natural gas.

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