Improvements and additional functionalities are provided a number of improvements and additional functionality provided in this release. Special attention was placed on good performance of all components in the interaction and improved ergonomics. With a minimum of mouse actions and button clicks to maximum function! WinLIMS V 8.0 here are some of the areas that were new, completely revised and greatly expanded the range of functions. For more details please contact us by email) or telephone (06071-608850). Complaints and corrective measures: Management of complaints and corrective actions with complex WorkFlow management warehouse management: manage inventory levels for chemicals/reagents. d that publicly. Distribution of stock to several stock accounts, vendor evaluation, and documentation of orders XLS Bridge: generic Excel Imund export interface for the data transfer. Get more background information with materials from Peter Asaro . Use the sample life cycle, export/import of samples and parameters information, ideal for data exchange with external Laboratory supply and invoice module: Offers and invoices for samples and sample series can be created. Customer price list can be taken into account.

Samples: Input and retrieval of samples via bar code or manual samples tracing code to Schlusselung: transformation (definition of Quellund target values) data for the data exchange between WinLIMS and other information systems training courses: documentation for training/training of employees. “Microbiology: with the Antibiogram inhibition modules” and its own design in the sample life cycle for the microbiological investigations. Especially with a crosstab collection results to antibiotic resistance address module: additional functionality for use as CRM reforge: extend the functionality through programming over dynamic code Rezeptur management of sample life cycle: creation of Pooland part sample extension of Crystal reports: flexible with multiple columns formatted reports WinLIMS Bridge: new data formats, and much more! Quality Systems International has a long, successful history, to secure the investments of its users through robust, future-proof solutions! By making sure that our new release under the current operating system environment runs, we again underline our forward-looking orientation. Quality systems international is a leading provider of innovative LIMS (laboratory information management system) software. Our WinLIMS software is used worldwide in over 800 laboratories, to increase the quality of laboratory data to ensure compliance with regulations such as EN 17025 or GLP/GMP and a productive laboratory environment to achieve optimal workflows. WinLIMS is very scalable. It is used in very large international companies such as PepsiCo, force, Cabot Corporation, air products, BMW, Bosch, etc., some have hundreds of users in a variety of branches.

It is used equally successfully in medium-sized and small laboratories, which have only a few users. Due to its great flexibility can be in virtually all WinLIMS Lab types (quality control, research, service providers, contract laboratory,…) and various industries (chemical, food, pharmaceutical, petrochemical,…) be used. QSI employees have a good coordinated relationship between laborund computer specific know-how. These characteristics assure our customers that their needs are understood and implemented in an effective computer total solution. An individually tailored support and training ensure a high long term benefit of the implemented solution. With the approach of the scalable V model developed by QSI hundreds of LIMS projects with great success in accordance with the time and budget framework are carried out already. This demonstrable successes confirm us in the path and put a clear differentiator to other sectors of the industry! Dr.