Building the Dream. Hotels and hotel on the scene. In mid-1972, laid the foundation stone of the first hotel, the Bojorquez, 208 rooms and 23 cabins, but not opened until late 1974. Tourists began arriving, mostly hikers and backpackers, although families also came to stay. Cancun’s name began to ring in the tourist area. The first formal hotel, Playa Blanca, was inaugurated in September 1974, owned by Diego De la Pena. In the beginning, was not connected to the potable water system, and sent him daily Infratur water pipes. There was no drainage system and septic tanks were built.It was connected to the power system, and plants were installed interim continuously damaged air conditioners. The Problem of downtown in the hotel area while the structures are developed, in 1975 he created the Port Trust Juarez, with the sole mission of locating the people who came to live in the land, because since the establishment of the camps housing engineers, architects, builders and their families to the development of Cancun Island, there was no clear demarcation. This was compounded by creating the market Javier Rojo Gomez, better known as Market 23 (because it is located in the superblock of the same number), where the disruption created a kind of ghetto, with underground wine outlets, and disguised prostitution.It was the only place to shop. Early political steps on 8 October 1974, Quintana Roo became a free and sovereign state, ceasing to be a dependent territory of the federation to survive in its entirety. On April 10, 1975 at 20 in the central area of the Supermanzana 22 (Parque de las Palapas), Alfonso Alarcon Morali becomes the first constitutional mayor of the municipality of Benito Ju rez.