Biography Lisa Ray was finishing high school in Canada with aspirations of expertise in journalism from the University when it is celebrated in a fashion magazine which came to model it, and ended on the cover. This catapulted her to instant celebrity status. The high profile of his career was watched by Indian filmmakers, but she refused many offers until the film Kasoor (2001) received a considerable amount of attention. The Indian director Deepa Mehta-Canadian cross saw his participation in the cast of the romantic comedy Bollywood / Hollywood (2002), which became a huge success in Canada. Later he moved to London to study acting and concentrate on a serious career in the performing arts. After graduating from drama school met Deepa Mehta, with whom he worked in the film Water (2005).In 2009 introduced the film The World Unseen and Water, screened during the prestigious festival in India, developed since 2008 in November in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lisa was well received, both by his followers as the local audience.