August August, Les Tr s Riches Heures du Duc de Berry August is the eighth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar has 31 days. It was given this name in honor of the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus (Augustus Octavius). In the ancient Roman calendar the year began in March and was named the sixth month Sextilis but, in the year 24 BC, Octavian decided to give his name and since then Sextilis called Augustus. Octavio imitation of the late Julius Caesar who, twenty years before, had done the same for the fifth month, then known Quinctilis and that he was renamed to honor Julius Iulia family, to which he belonged. But give his name to Sextilis seemed little Octavius, who thought he had not yet achieved the same glory as Julius Caesar, as Julius and Augustus had 31 days, only 29. For that reason, the emperor changed the life of several months, remove and appoint days to get ‘their’ month had 31 days.That’s why even today, two thousand years later, July and August have 31 days each. He was elected this month to honor the emperor because he defeated Antony and Cleopatra and became triumphant in Rome. August begins (astrologically) with the sign of Leo and ends in Virgo. In Ireland, the month of August is called Lunasa (from Old Irish Lughnasadh) and is named after the god Lugh. The first Monday in August is one of national holidays in the Republic of Ireland. The stone is the sardonyx August, and its flower, the poppy.