As part of the ongoing work in supporting the commercialization of enterprises, who have benefited previously with resources to start or expand their businesses, on this occasion he invited 12 social entrepreneurs to participate in this brokerage. By the FONAES Headquarters, 179 thousand pesos is intended to support the participation of these 12 companies in the states of Jalisco, Colima, Guerrero, Quer taro and Michoac n, which are supported by payment of the booth, transportation, lodging and feeding during the five days that will be in the Expoventa. Companies participating are: Canteras Finas de Degollado, Jalisco state, which makes crafts quarry Crafts Sunflower institution Colima, elaborate clothes blanket Guanajuato comes from the company Fern ndez, manufactured mirrors and dishes Organic Products Zihuatanejo, natural products made of fruits and producers attending Queretaro organic material, with a product for the fertilization of the earth. As companies are present Michoac n: The Art of the Pur pecha tablecloth, tablecloths made into cloth, fire stones Vintners Group, engaged in the production of mezcal ladecola produced cheeses, Guitars Ochoa, Water Purifier and Chain Rivapalacio Mueblera Nahuatzen designs of wooden furniture. Starting this Wednesday, 4 November to Sunday, 8 of the same month, employers offer their product at the Expo and Convention Center of Morelia, headquarters location Expovall 2009. This year FONAES has supported the participation of social entrepreneurs in various fairs and marketing events, to enable them to engage in commercial links with wholesalers and retailers, among which the National Social Venture Fair and the Fourth International Meeting Social Entrepreneurs, among other training meetings where they have been present.