At present, the direction of IP-Surveillance is developing rapidly. Many large companies, which until recently used only traditional schemes of surveillance, began an extensive transition to digital IP-based system. Unlike most classical digital recorders, whose level is largely determined by the quality of digitization and compression, video streaming, video server level for IP-CCTV Today defines several other parameters. For example, in connection with the advent of megapixel cameras significantly increased flows, and therefore one of the most important parameters to get the performance and reliability disk and network subsystems. We consider the main differences between ip-systems as an example of equipment eVidence. In the development of IP-server eVidence engineers have focused their efforts on technologies that enable to achieve high performance, it is important for IP-Surveillance. Read more here: Mashable.

As a result, today, IP-Server eVidence even look much different from the classical digital recorders. First, the servers allow the installation of a large number of disks inside the registrars. With the increased video stream is extremely important. Classical and hybrid recorders allow you to set in, usually not more than 4 drives, which account for 16 and 2-megapixel camera will suffice only for a few days. EVidence servers allow you to set inside depending on the model of an 8-to 24 discs. Secondly, the discs are based on the hardware subsystem redundancy. A separate processor in the background, calculates checksums and distributes them on hard drives. This technology is implemented to achieve the almost absolute protection from the video archives of possible losses in the event of disk failure. Failure of one of the hard drive service engineer, not shutting down the server and not examining the case, simply change it to a new blank disc. After this reservation system in the background to recover all lost information on the checksum stored on the other disks. As a result, the user, even after losing a hard drive, do not lose a single frame of recorded information!

In addition to providing the highest level of reliability of the hardware platform engineers make a reservation all critical server nodes. For example, IP-SIGMA servers have 2 quick-PSU duplicative. Failure of one of them, the system continues to work through the second, and an idle unit can be easily replaced without stopping the server. From the perspective of a software platform, one of the defining parameters is versatility. In other words, a professional IP-server must support a large number of IP-based cameras from different manufacturers. Developers eVidence have partnered with more than 40 IP-cameras around the world. Through the active cooperation at the moment eVidence servers support more than 450 models of IP-based cameras, including such famous brands such as Axis, Arecont Vision, Infinity, jvc, Panasonic, sony, Toshiba. To date, the server eVidence SIGMA-320 / M is one of the best examples, demonstrating a professional comprehensive approach to creating next-generation products for ip-video high-definition.