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The word Abraxas (or Abrasax or Abracax of Greek”””’) was a term that was god recorded in some old buildings called Abraxas Stones, and the Gnostic sects often used as a talisman. It was believed that Abraxas was the name of a god bible who represented good and evil, a god and a demon and deity adored and dreaded Daimon in a unique existence. This term was used by the Basilideanos (Basilideans), a Gnostic sect of the second century, to appoint a supreme being or god they worshiped. Abraxas was also considered an Egyptian god and a demon. It is likely that the mystic word abracadabra is yoga derived from the name, although there are other explanations. In demonology, has become a demon topped with a rooster head, large belly, feet and tail snake rickets, which carries a whip. Also known as Abracax. body Etruscan Celtico-term to define the conjunction of good and evil in the union of the elements and also a deity who was the Celtic Druids used to call Abrxia, which means the union religion of all worlds.

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Entertainment Weekly
Sources confirm to Michael Ausiello exclusively that ABC has granted wishes to be relieved of his contract
Travel with me to the recent past — yesterday, to be exact. Way back then we have a story titled “Conor Oberst / Jim James / M. Ward Album Finally Coming Out”
The Star-Ledger
ASSOCIATED PRESS Actor David Dine career, the kung fu star who enjoyed a career resurrection in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill “epic, was found dead in his hotel room in Bangkok. Editor’s note: This interveiw with actor David Carradine was love April 18, 2004 …

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