Sometimes we reduce our circle of relationships by certain prejudices, fears or disinterest. Open it depends only on us. Expand our relationships and take care of those who have already accurate of a basic element: our willingness, sometimes muted by excuses such as lack of time for others, fatigue or fear to meet others (fear fed by negative prejudices as not believing us interesting enough, or not knowing what to say). EliMinar these mental barriers and show us more receptive to others will allow us to discover how much we can offer and receive in this exchange with the society that surrounds us. You share how to do it. 1 Advances amid fear it is important to know that the majority of the people, when we have to deal with new situations, become accustomed to a certain uneasiness or anxiety sensation. Those who are considered to be less sociable believe that this happens to them that are unique. The problem is not to have fear or anxiety, but what do we do with these feelings.

The more We avoid exposing us to new situations, more we isolate. We must seek relationships, even if we have a certain anxiety or fear, since this may be the way to make it ever better. 2 Dismisses the fear of MISTRUST that others reject us is one of the biggest obstacles we face when we relate. Wrong about ourselves and pessimistic ideas do not help us to be more sociable; on the contrary, our negative attitude causes the other mistrust and the dreaded rejection. Yes, often, we think that when we try to talk to someone we’ll ignore, we assume an attitude of mistrust that generates in others the same reaction; i.e. they will think that we hide something or that we want to ask them anything. This, in turn, will reinforce the idea that relationships are give us wrong, and we will thus enter into a vicious circle: us convinced that we do not know we relate, not try and grant us increasingly fewer opportunities.