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' ' For Wittgenstein, the language appears first as a species of impediment to obtain ' ' language ideal' ' where the structure of the language corresponds the reality. When abandoning this notion of ideal language, Wittgenstein launched the inquiry of the language for other ways. In its book philosophical INQUIRIES, it affirms that most important in the language it is not the significao but the use. To understand a language it must be understood as it functions. However, it can compare the language with a game; it has as many languages how many the language games. Therefore, to understand a word in a language is not first understands its significao, but to know as it functions, or as if it uses inside of one of these jogos.' ' (DEFERRED PAYMENT, 1978, p.170) He is with the term ' ' games of linguagem' ' that the author mentions the form to it vital of the quotidiano, where individual practises its acts of speaks, in specific way, condizente with its reality, place and time that occupies.

In this manner, it is necessary that if it is valid a hermeneutics (1) so that if can interpret the speech that is immersed in these ' ' games of linguagem' ' that tries, to its way, to say the present truth in the reality. How to decide this problem? Paul appears then Ricoeur (1915-2005), that with skillful creativity it demonstrates to a brilliant exit that can identify, or the least to give tracks so that if it has some security in the narration of the identity of the being. thus it develops a philosophy of the citizen and the action, with emphasis in the perspective and the directions. Its main work if summarizes in the sentence ' ' Itself as one outro' ' , that it discourses on the identity of the being in four distinct questions, namely: who speaks? ; who acts? who is described? Who is the moral citizen of the imputation? In the question of who it speaks, Ricoeur says that in what question, searchs here to identify on what the individual has pretension to discourse, at the same time that it is tried to individualizar it from its predicao, denomination and indication.