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Generalized Special Relativity .

srt – a special case of this theory, so it's not a refutation of special relativity. General Lorentz transformation using mathematical tools, which is impossible to refute. If you add them to the postulates of the theory of relativity and consider the space of events, describing the physical space within the entire light cone, it is uniquely obtained by conversion from srt. If in the event space to consider the surface light (isotropic) of the cone, then this space can introduce a constant factor for the well-known transformations of special relativity. May be considered when the srt and srt accompanying theory (SSTO) can exist simultaneously. Right to existence of any proposed change of coordinates in space – is: 1. the existence of invariant two points, or unchanging interval. 2. orthogonality of the proposed transformations. (1. And 2. Show further consideration). Change the time and distance is usually three-dimensional space leads us to consider the signal light hours. This means that we consider Event arrival of the light signal at the mirror and sending a signal from the mirror. This means that information about these events could be delivered only a light signal that corresponds to the surface of the light cone. So As we consider the motion of the body relative to the observer, approaching or removal of the body, movement transversely, will be perceived by different observers in different ways. Therefore, observers are not in the same conditions. In this case, one observer sees some dimensions of the moving body, each other.


UEFA Champions League

Unfortunately he was defeated by Arsenal FC Chelsea FC in the League final of the FA Cup last Sunday. But this is not a reason to be disappointed, because according to his manager Arsene Wenger, he still has faith in the team. Arsenal beat Liverpool FC, Everton FC and FC Hostpur alTottenham demonstrating their ability despite the absence of Jens Lehmann, Thierry Henry and William Gallas. In the game against Chelsea, Theo Walcott scored in the first half, but unfortunately for Arsenal, Chelsea turned the move, winning the game. Wenger says his team is aggressive and positive but have to learn how to maintain control over the game.

It was expected that both Arsenal and Chelsea among the top four places and qualify for next season's UEFA Champions League, losing the game was not a good result for Arsenal. After the defeat the team still has hopes and Wenger has no doubt that the team can do better in future games, but still lost trofeoy positivism showing no mean they are not aware that they have lost something important, something they really wanted to achieve. On the other hand, the Chelsea is in a good position on the FA and UEFA Cup, they are now nine points adrift of Manchester in the race for the Premiership title. Jill Woods is part of team sports writers for the sports betting industry for I Bet IAS. . This article may be copied in the same way it is published. & Nbs p;.