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Business Administration

At the time of crisis we, unfortunately the issue of layoffs is very topical. When there is any end, rumors about what will be the future of the company, or who will be next, can be very detrimental to the functioning of the company. There are very advanced political organizations of Human Resources including more or less generous compensation and practices support the relocation of the worker (see). In these cases, within the bad, the outlook for employees who are not so negative, because they see that their partners have been treated with dignity and respect. In any case, the address of the company should speak with other employees and reassure them about what may happen in the future, since the rumors of disinformation.

In many cases, workers who remain in the company are still there on merit because they are good employees, and hence their employability is higher priority, ie they would be easier to find another job. Therefore, if they see threatening their position in the company, you may go forth and leave the ship before, which we lost a good worker. From the point of view of a middle manager, the thing can be complicated, since it appears even more in the dual role of worker a “that could be affected by downsizing in the future, and DEA manager who must explain your colleagues about the situation. It is a difficult situation, which is important to remain calm, because the middle manager can be viewed by most workers as part of the management of the company as a worker, and being criticized unfairly for redundancy and other hand, while you should talk to their people to see how it distributed the work of the person who fired. As for the rumors about the future of the company, if they are unfounded we must address quickly. I still remember the case of a company would be bought by another jurisdiction, but the process was in complete secrecy on the part of management. However, the workers observed strange things, including an assessment of inventory held on a Saturday a “not working on Saturdays,” by people outside the company. It fired the rumors about the possible closure of the company, creating great excitement (in any case, maybe the rumor was not entirely misguided, since the sale be without doubt a major restructuring).

In this situation, the middle management of his staff receives questions, and should be careful not to engage in criticism of the direction of the company, since it would only encourage the negative sentiment which goes with the rumor. If I mention this example, employees wonder what will happen, and middle management can not talk about the operation that is underway, should say something like: a Oeno I have information about the possible closure comentais , thereby partly silence rumor (workers think that if your supervisor does not have information about it, because there will be no closure). One last point. Although so far I have referred more to the management of negative news, it is interesting to consider a “few companies do this management-reporting of positive developments. As a compliment from time to time is always well received by the worker and motivational speaker, sharing the good news should be more common, but even here it seems that the top management of many companies is also too quiet. Pablo Rodriguez is a graduate in Business Administration, Auditing postgraduate in MBA and Master, passionate world of economics and business management.


For social and managerial skills such as leadership, teamwork, effective communication, negotiation, delegation etc. Must also be an initial step on previously agreed parameters and can be maintained over time in order to compare the results with those obtained in the future. Only in this way you can define if the coaching process has achieved its objectives. Similarly, in a process of executive coaching, there should be enough space for the coachee is set personal goals you want to achieve in the process, which do not always have to be considered, measured or approved by the company, and often not even known it to ensure full responsibility and freedom to work from the coachee. Assume for example that the executive has great concern for how their work affects family life and sets a target aimed at improving the balance between these two aspects of your life, know well by the company could create some concern in either sense and maybe even misinterpretations of how and why this person wants to work on this goal. 8. Route and schedule work should chart a course that the coachee agrees to continue to develop the different themes that are its target, if you want to address them one by one, from the beginning until it’s finished or if you want to work alongside a number of issues, the order in which want to do, which can be discussed with the coach to get the most out of the sessions.

With this definition updates the schedule and agenda of meetings. 9. Monitoring In each session the coach will review together with the executive compliance with the proposed work program, difficulties encountered and the required support the coachee to move forward with its process. The tasks have not been met, will be analyzed and discussed in order to verify if they are still necessary in this case of setting a new date rescheduled and adjusting the work plan, to be considered by the coachee are not required, will descartadas.El follow-up also includes the analysis of the positive changes in the coachee and how this affects the overall process, as well as possible changes in the overall objective because of the improvements obtained. 10. Assessment This part of the process allows measure progress.

10.1 Evaluation of performance should be made periodically to allow performance evaluations determine whether improvements gained in the process of coaching have had positive effects on the work that the coachee plays and if necessary adjusted in any way the work plan. 2.10 Assessment. The improvement in leadership and management skills should be measured before and during and after the coaching process by an Assessment of the same characteristics, in order to verify whether the management has improved in the skills listed and if the training or training plan must be adjusted. 2.10 ROI coaching process A process can and should be measured as an investment capable of producing a profit. The rate of return on investment is usually greater than 600% over the next 6 months. Of course varies depending on the depth of the problems to solve and the ease with which they can quantify the additional yield obtained from and from the process performed. This is also necessary to make a measurement before and after the process, by indicators of income and expense can be kept stable during the same or do not have significant variations that can be attributed to other causes unrelated to the process.

June Falls

Other tourists prefer to reach the falls by more natural means crossing the jungle waterways to reach the base of the jump. The river or land travel, however, may be too exhausting for some people. a I went three times to the park Canaima mea idea where I moved to Angel Falls tours departing from that place for tours by the Indian canoes and enjoy your journey to reach their base to penetrate him, is something unique, wonderful. The Angel walks toward him, which is reached after several hours of travel in a ship of Indian origin known as canoe, plus another on foot. I’ve gone by plane on several occasions referred to, enjoying his majesty, especially in June where it has water suficientea give your drop a wonderful spectacle. a Wikipedia about his background indicates that this jump was known to the natives of the region, but their official edescubrimientou remains a subject of discussion. Some historians attribute it to Ernesto Sanchez, explorer who in 1910 reported the find to the Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons in Caracas. Others, the captain of the Spanish-born Venezuelan Navy Felix Cardona Puig, who, in 1927, with Mundo Freixas, explorer also of Spanish origin, spotted the large waterfall in the ore bed.

Articles and maps of Cardona attracted the curiosity and adventurous spirit of the aviator Jimmy Angel, who contacted Clarke to make several visits to the jump in 1937. On May 21, 1937, Jimmy Angel Cardona accompanied to overfly the jump. In September of that year insists Jimmy Angel landed on top of Auyantepuy, purpose abruptly achieves embedding the plane on the ground. News of the accident, which fortunately no casualties, led to the great leap was christened a Salto Angel, and so is known since the first human known to reach the river that feeds the falls was the Latvian Aleksandrs Laime browser, also known as Alexander Laime Natives of the tribe pemon. He made the ascent of Auyantepui in 1955.

He also reached the name of one of the most beautiful rivers in Latvia, the river Gauja. While the Indian name of the falls and is rarely used, the name of the river pemon, Kerep, is still widely used. Laime was also the first European to a trail that leads from the river Churun to the base of the falls. On the way there is a viewpoint commonly used to capture the falls in the photographs. It is called “Mirador Laime” in his honor. This road is now used by most tourists from the camp of Mouse Island. The height of the falls was determined by an investigation by the National Geographic Society conducted by journalist Ruth Robertson in 1949 is currently affected by drought facing Venezuela, however, there are hopes that when the rains begin again regain its grandeur. In any case it is a place on this planet who can not stop seeing.